Alt★Hero issue #8 The War In Paris: The New Resistance by Arkhaven Comics| Review

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So this is part 3 of my reviews of Vox Days aka Theodore Beale (known as Teddy on Reddit) since writing my last couple of pieces on Teds comics I’ve done a little more research for one I’ve found out who the artist is who and does a majority of the Alt★Hero Series he goes by the name JinjerZilla whos website is very ummm…. White Power! I’ll expand on this a bit later on in this piece.

Three AntiFa activists doing some sorta protest at Place de la Concorde

So let’s start with this issue of The War In Paris: The New Resistance, it begins with three AntiFa activists doing some sorta protest at Place de la Concorde in Paris. Not much is explained on why this is happening, goes to show for Teds shit writing ability, going forward this story follows two groups AntiFa who we are introduce to at the beginning, the other is yet to be named. All that we know they are getting ready to verse the activists at Place de la Concorde.

AntiFa Vs Police

This other group we see there faces and look very buff and stoic, like they have been working out in the gym for the past decade. Unlike the AntiFa Activists they are drawn in blaine black and red we never see there faces and what parts we do are pierced and they have dyed hair. (such a leftist stereotype right). So anyway the AntiFa group gets bigger and bigger. Also it looks like the other group is being watched by the Global Justice Initiative group this doesn’t get touched much or even really at all. (Pretty certain Ted only wrote two sentences for the whole issue to the artist who I’ll be getting to soon) Because the main focus is the yet to be named opposing group to AnfiFa.

Generation Identitaire Reveal

So as we get to the final couple of panels as we see the opposing group has amassed a large amount of people to verse AntiFa. The group finally reveal their name and the big reveal is that they are Generation Identitaire. For those who aren’t aware Generation Identitaire is a real life Alt-Right Nationalist group it’s an essentially a Young Nationalist group in France and Internationally.

You can tell by the juxtaposition of images that Generation Identitaire are the good looking heroes of this issue.

This issue ends with a confrontation between the two groups, with Police in the middle but right at the final frame, some French Superheroes fly down down and the issue ends!

So let’s talk about JinjerZilla who is the artist on this piece of shit comic book series. I came across this artist through a Reddit dedicated to pulling the piss out of him which I totally support. Doing a google search on the artist things get dark real fast here are some of his other work.

Really have no idea what this is

So if you google his name it brings you to a thing called The White Art Collective where his bio reads “JinjerZilla is a cartoonist, illustrator, commentator and patriot artist.”

He is featured in the Artists/Cartoonists section of the site that also houses Filmmakers, and Poets apparently. You should take note of the only other cartoonist on the site.

So sum up the latest issue is praising a Young White Nationalist Group it is written by an active Ethno-Nationalist and it is drawn by an obvious White Supremacist

I rate this issue: 💩 💩 💩

I would also like to take note this is content on there website that is aimed at young children and should be removed.



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