Alt★Hero issue #9 The War In Paris: We Will Not Fail By Arkhaven Comics | Review

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3 min readAug 14, 2020


So going on Part 4 on reviewing of Theodore Robert Beales (Teddy) or he likes to be called Vox Day shitty comic book series if could even call it that.

So in this issue Teddy, wanted to give the reader a slight history on AntiFa. All this issue was basically redrawn cringe memes of SJWs from the Alt-Right. The only event to take place in this issue of note is one of the AntiFa Protesters throw a molotov cocktail that hits one of the “Superheroes” of the issue that seriously injures her.

have a guess what meme this came from

Pretty much this issue turns into a riot and that is it. In a recent Darkstream his very own Podcast that Teddy recently did, he even mentions this comic and how correct he was proclaiming this is what AntiFa have always done and Minnesota and the BLM and AntiFa protests around America are a perfect example of this.

Also note on the last panel I posted that it says “Today ANTIFA marches for the right of refugees and other foreigners to settle in France” he wrote this like it’s a bad thing and assumes the audience is in agreeance with him which is a sign of a terrible writer. Also take note that Teddy claims to be a member of Mensa and to have an IQ “Over the so-called ‘genius’ threshold.

This image makes no sense

Pretty certain that Teddy has never took a writing class in his life, and JingerZilla has also never took an Art Class in their life either. Despite what the image is showing the line work is terrible, the fur belt thing on the blondes characters waist looks like her stomach is coming through her jacket. Also why is there mud on her leg when they are on a freeway.

Vox Day cries on the internet

So as I was writing this Teddy decided to be a Gamma and pull the Alt-Hero line from Webtoons, this made my day entirely finding this out. Guess you can’t get enough people to read your shitty Neo-Nazi content on a kids platform.

I guess this does it for my reviews of Alt-Hero as I will have no way of reviewing his content and not like I’m going to pay Teddy for them.

I rate this issue: 💩💩💩💩



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