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This comic is written by Vox Day, if you aren’t aware of is an Alt-Right Troll. Who started Sad Puppies and was a player in Gamergate.

I knew of this title for awhile now but actually read it when Vox Day released his graphic novel library on

When you read the first issue you can tell the writer is just trying to mimic other comic book writers like Garth Ennis and Alan Moore but unlike those two writers who were trying to create a commentary on Comic Book Heroes of the time or deconstruction of the genre. Instead Vox basically has similar characters to the Seven from Garth Ennis The Boys.

Janelle Jeanneret aka Dynamique

But unlike the characters from those novels Vox’s version have no edge or grittiness to the them.

One major reason I mention Garth Ennis The Boys the first issue is so similar to the first issue of The Boys also follows Annie January, an evangelical Christian who fights crime as the superheroine known as Starlight, in Alt★Hero it starts with Janelle Jeanneret a super model with similar powers to Starlight but she goes by Dynamique.

Captain Europa & Janelle Jeanneret

Vox is literally writing his white supremacist attitudes in to each issue for example the lead hero in charge of Global Justice Initiative (Voxs version of the Justice League/Avengers) is called Captain Europa who is a macho looking dude with the European Union Flag on his chest. Vox is basically just using the character as a mouthpiece for his hate of the EU, which would be edgy if it was so badly written and the art work was so bad.

The funny thing about Alt★Hero is it was pitched as an alternative for the SJW (Social Justice Warrior) takeover of the Comic Books Industry and to bring it back to the Golden Years when Heroes were Heroes and comic books told stories of the nuclear family and how awesome it was. But with the three issues that I read none had no commentary on either. I feel very sorry for anybody who is a fan of comics and backed this while it was in a Kickstarter it initially asked for $25 000 but raised $235,900

Besides the dialogue being horrible, you can really tell that this is Vox Days first attempt at writing a visual medium, but it’s like he doesn't know how an actually human talks also coming from someone who also writes Novels as his personal choice of mediums if you have listened to any of Vlogs makes this even more hilarious of a read. The scenes also remind of something a high schooler would write, there is no experimentation.

What I consider the worst part of the whole Alt★Hero is actually the art work. The line work is horrible and also all the artwork has no background details which wouldn't matter if the dialogy wasn't so cliche and bad. No wonder the artist has chosen not to publish his name to his own work.

Would not recommend unless you would like to turn any of the panels into memes.

Rated: 💩



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