The Girls Are Fighting! “Optics” Vs “Aesthetics” The Infighting Of The Alt-Right in Australia 2021.

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As CPAC ends in America, there is division in the Alt-Right of Australia, that is close enough to Once Upon A Time right!….

Recently Thomas Sewell who is the co-founder of NSN (National Socialist Network) with Jacob Hersant also Sewell is starting a new group called EAM (European Australian Movement) after his now defunct Lads Society. Which Sewell claims collapsed because it had a “Council” Structure and not a “Hierarchy”, though the real reason most likely is that Brenton Tarrant of the Christchurch Massacre who murdered 51 people and injured 40 Muslims at a Mosque at Christchurch, tried to join his organization but apparently didn’t fit the muster.

Lauren Southern with the Lads Society, this isn’t going to go well for her. Back during her speaking tour of Australia with Stephen Molyneux.

So what is the division that is happening in the Alt-Right at the moment in Australia you ask?; Well it’s a little complicated but it’s coming down to “Optics” Vs “Aesthetics” and Thomas Sewell recent stunt of trying to get Channel 9s A Current Affair to interview him which led to him injuring a Black Security Guard at the Channel 9 Studios. That little stunt has thrown the die hard Neo-Nazi’s into a frenzy, loving the fact that one of their leaders attacked a person of colour on camera. The other half (Blair Cottrell) saying this is terrible “Optics” and stop being a “Hollywood Nazi” and he has basically called out his old colleague. There as been multiple Telegram posts going back and forth with actually mentioning any names.

Blair Cottrell fully supports National Socialism (Nazi) Idology even mentioning it in his videos, but he wants to win over the masses with “Aesthetics” because he claims “If you look good enough you can sell anything”. So he is pushing clean living/eating and bodybuilding etc.. Which he has being saying ever since he started in the Alt-Right Movement, he is trying to look like the “Rational”one of the movement. Personally I think it’s pretty hilarious.

Blair’s approach to doing Aesthetics doing a Roman Salute from a video on Telegram.

As for Thomas’s “Optics” approach is a lot more nefarious, he wants to create Controversial Content, besides his attack on a Channel 9 Security Guard, he recently took the NSN crew to the Grampian Ranges in NSW for a weekend hike which had the group of about 40 men chanting “Heil Hitler” and KKK Chants that ended with them burning a large wooden cross on a neighby lake. As expected Thomas got what he wanted, he got his organization onto the News and was featured in all the main media sources. He currently is always stating his hatred for Jewish People and claims Adolf Hitler was a prophet.

Thomas’s Crew Burning a cross on a lake.

So the once best mates of Thomas Sewell and Blair Cottrell the once founders of UPF (United Patriots Front) are now rivals, equal to any soap opera. This was recently seen from a video by Neil Erikson, who basically called out Blair to stop the infighting. A Telegram account called Nat-Soc-Aus also responded to the situation also, he responded that Thomas is going the right way of doing things and also to stop the infighting and let them do their thing. Fractures are definatly appearing, the XYZ a shitty attempt as a ABC News competitor, is no longer mirroring Blair Cottrells content, and seems to be throwing their support behind Sewell instead.

As writing this Thomas Sewell dropped a propaganda photo of his EAM org.
The XYZ throwing their support behind Thomas Sewell

It’s interesting in to seeing where this fracture in the Alt-Right Neo-Nazi movement is going. I will keep documenting and posting what I find. But it’s looking like Sewell has more pull currently.



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