The Job Agency Scam

Since Covid-19 hit the world, finding work has been very difficult. After my business collapsed I started to apply for general work. As I was skimming through, I came across an ad for a meat packaging position with immediate start that looked like it was posted by a job agency. I figured it would be easy and repetitive, which is something I’m up for.

So I applied and I got a call back saying for me to fill out their online sign up, and that they will need to call me in for an interview and standard pre-work screening including a drug and alcohol test. I waited a while and I didn’t receive a call from the agency for the interview, so I called them back and they asked me to come in the following week…

So I came in and they asked me to fill out the same forms I already filled out online. After I filled out all the paperwork, they asked me a short questionnaire, with questions like; “Where do you see yourself going?”, “So work wasn’t going so well for your business?”, “ Do you have any injuries?”. When I said my business hadn’t been going well, they said that theirs hasn’t been either, which was a huge red flag since I was there applying for an immediate start position. At the end of the conversation, I asked if they needed me to do the drug and alcohol test, and they replied “No, we don’t actually have any work available but we will contact you when we do.” As I left they said “Good luck with your business”.

In Australia, job agencies get a kick back about $2000 for everytime they get someone a job, so the more people they sign up the more money they get. This is such a rort that the Australian Government is promoting. I suspect they aren’t actually anticipating having any work and had me come in just to sign me up so they could receive a kickback from having signed a new client.

Let this be a warning to the Job Seekers out there.

Edit: So this was from the from the agency today.




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